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Australia’s National Christian Churches Directory

Welcome to Australia’s National Christian Churches directory. Wherever you are in Australia, this directory can help you to find a local church that preaches the Good Word of Our Lord Jesus Christ somewhere near you.

Your local church is not only a place of worship to visit on Sundays but it also crucially provides a meeting place for you to connect with other Christian families. It proffers an opportunity to educate and entertain your children, and is a community hub where you can socialise, find volunteering opportunities and seek advice and support for anything happening in your life.

All churches are different of course, so you might want to visit a few before you decide on one that’s the right fit for you. You’ll want to consider the style of the services, how you feel about the congregation as a whole, and whether or not you feel welcomed by the church leaders. Finding a church that’s local to you is doubly important if you’re attending regularly. However if your busy lifestyle means you only get to visit the church at Christmas, Easter, and other significant dates in the Christian calender, then you may be happier to travel further afield.

Either way you’ll no doubt find a church in your local area by clicking the FIND tab above. Our directory lists all the leading Christian churches in throughout Australia.